Roller and Vertical Internal Blinds


roller blinds Gold CoastInternal Blinds

“Choose from traditional styles or the latest modern designs. A large selection of materials, colours and finishing trims are available.”

The designs are available in a large variety of styles to compliment your home and decor. They reduce the amount of heat transferred to your home through your windows and protect your valuable furnishings and carpet from damage caused by the sun’s powerful rays.

All our internal blinds are custom made to suit your requirements. Choose from traditional styles or the latest modern designs. A large selection of materials, colours and finishing trims are available.

Our experienced professional staff can offer a large range of products to suit all requirements. We will find a product for you that offer both beauty and functionality.

Internal products available include:

  • Sunscreen rollers
  • Rollers – chain operated or spring-loaded
  • Venetian – Aluminium and Cedar
  • Panel glides
  • Roman
  • Vertical

Types of blinds available on the Gold Coast

roller shutters Gold CoastRoller Blinds

“Rollers are available in a superb range of materials with a variety of finishes.”

This style is very popular in both new and older homes. Coordinating chain and brackets are also available.

Roller designs are also available with a “Day/Night” option, whereby two designs are mounted on one bracket, one made from sunscreen (see-through) material and the other either a blockout or translucent material. Enjoy privacy during the day, whilst still enjoying the view through your sunscreen awning. At night, the other design gives complete privacy.

roller blinds Gold CoastOther Internal Blinds

“We have a range of other internal designs to suit various applications.”

Along with the above styles, we can also supply Venetian blinds. These are available in aluminium, “timber-style” man-made timber look, cedar plus a range of other timbers.

Vertical blinds are also available and are still a popular choice for many of our clients.

roller shutters Gold CoastRoman Blinds

“Roman blinds offer both privacy and light control, in a stylish alternative to rollers.”

Combine the look of soft fabric with a new, simple and easy to use component system. For complete light control, the Roman fabric range is also available with a block out coating, making it ideal for bedrooms or areas where total light blockout is required.

Both the translucent and block out finishes offer maximum protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Ultraviolet light can cause the fading of furniture and floor coverings.

We custom manufacture Roman designs in a wide range of curtain fabrics enabling us to coordinate with your existing furnishings.

aluminium awnings Gold CoastPanel Glind Blinds

“Panel glides are well suited to large areas of window and are an exciting new product for your home.”

Ideal as a stylish yet functional option for sliding doors and large windows, panel glides offer the ultimate in individuality – panel colour, size and batten choice are all custom made to suit your decor. Both decorative and functional, a classic internal solution with a modern approach to window fashion.

These designs are created from flat fabric panels attached to a simple headrail system by the use of roller-mounted carriers, making them light and easy to operate. The fabric panels can then be drawn sideways using a wand operating system.

shutters Gold CoastAluminium Venetians

“Premium Venetian Blinds”

Incorporating Venetians into homes and commercial buildings add a sophisticated look that just works beautifully. The material is resilient, lightweight and cheaper than wooden variants. A plus is the resistance to moisture making it a smart choice for kitchens and bathrooms.

shutters Gold CoastTimber Style Venetians

“Practical and Affordable, Timber Venetians”

Timber style is perfectly suited to hot climates. This material is resistant to discolouration, warping, peeling and cracking plus its completely washable. It is perfect for bathrooms and suites with breakaway tassels for the safety of children.

roller blinds Gold CoastVerticals Blinds

“The perfect choice for all styles of rooms.”

Vertical blinds are made of durable materials like PVC, faux wood and fabric and could match any decoration.

Another advantage is it’s easy to clean, simply wipe them down with a clean cloth for a fresh new window look.

Modern vertical blinds are more versatile, stylish and better in every way. They’re the most sought after window compliments for sliding doors, patio doors and panels.

Motorised Options

“Motorisation is convenient and simple to use and suitable for domestic or commercial applications.”

With home automation growing in popularity, the motorisation of awnings adds to the enjoyment of your lifestyle. Easy to use, motorised systems can be either stand-alone or incorporated into your existing home automation system.

Motorisation options are available on many of our awnings and are ideal where installation of these products is at a higher level or difficult to reach area.

Choosing internal blinds for your Gold Coast property

Half the challenge of investing in awnings for your space is choosing what style and functionality to go for. Remember that the main purpose of these products is to provide practicality, and while on-trend design my still be a priority, it’s important to opt for options that add quality-of-life benefits to your space.

Moreover, the type you choose will also depend on the area of your property you’re looking to fit them into. Each room has its differences, mostly due to its positioning in your house. Here are a few handy tips to pick the best roller blinds for your Gold Coast property, based on the rooms they’ll be installed in:

Bathroom: These areas are wet and humid a lot of the time, so you need a moisture-resistant awning that can withstand water damage. Plastic and vinyl designs are the best choices here.

Bedroom: All types of internal blinds can be used in this space, so long as it provides comfort and privacy. You may want to opt for blackout options here so that you get the most out of light control.

Living room: As a public area of your property, you’ll want your design to tick all possible boxes – from light efficiency to temperature control, privacy and comfort. Roller blinds designed for Gold Coast homes – like those in our range – are typically the most suitable option.

Study: Typically private, you can use almost all awnings here as well. However, vertical blinds can be more suitable.

If you’re not sure where to start, get in touch with our friendly team to see how we can help you make an informed decision.