Fabric Awnings


awnings Gold CoastFabric Awnings

“In the height of a hot Australian summer, one of the best ways of protecting and cooling your home is by using external canvas designs.”

At Dolomite Blinds & Awnings we are able to offer a complete range of external awnings to suit every application.

A must for harsh Queensland summers, canvas awnings not only reduce the need for other cooling methods but protect your valuable furnishings and carpet from damage caused by the sun’s powerful rays.

Our range of canvas awnings is custom made using the latest acrylic canvas ranges including a vast selection of plains and stripes, offering excellent protection from the heat and damaging UV rays.

Most of our awnings are also available in “sunscreen” see-through material, providing glare reduction and UV protection, whilst still allowing you to enjoy your views. With headboxes to co-ordinate or contrast with your roofing etc, we can offer you stylish awnings, made especially to suit your decor and shade needs. Stainless steel componentry is also available for coastal exposure areas.

Auto Roll-up AwningsAuto Roll-up Awnings

“Auto roll-up awnings are practical and functional and enhances any décor of your home. You can select from a wide range of traditional fabrics.”

Auto roll up awnings are the ideal solution when aiming to reduce the heat and glare absorbed by your windows, whilst maintaining a stylish look to your home. Available in a range of modern acrylic canvases and sunscreen materials, they are able to be raised and lowered with ease and locked into place to give you the shade you require.

Supplied with a matching or contrasting headbox, available in a wide range of colours, these are amongst the most popular and practical awnings available for this purpose. All our awnings are manufactured with high quality componentry to ensure a long lasting product.

folding arm awnings Gold CoastFolding Arm Awnings

“The engineering precision and attention to detail makes the folding arm awning one of the best awnings available on the market today.”

The simple yet stylish design and range of fabrics makes this type of awning a sophisticated and functional shade solution for any outdoor area. Designed to be easy and functional to use you have a couple of options when operating.

Folding arm awnings can either be operated manually with a crank handle, or be fully motorised, with the additional options of remote control and sun and wind sensors being available.

Download Folding Arm Awning Brochure

awnings Gold CoastCafe Awnings Clear PVC Awnings

“Affordable, Reliable and Packed with features.”
Maximise your outdoor spaces at work or home regardless of the weather! PVC Clear Cafe Awnings enhances your out door experience from get-togethers, cool summer activities, barbeques, cosy winter banquets and even a simple cup of tea. PVC blinds are perfect very well suited to businesses as well as homeowners, making your outdoor spaces attractive and enhancing your lifestyle.

roller shutters Gold CoastUrban Track

“Create a brand new space in your home. Ready to entertain family and friends at a moment’s notice”

Protected by the elements all year-round and with a sense of seclusion and sanctuary, you’ll spend more time enjoying life outdoors

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retractable awnings Gold CoastDutch Awnings

“Aesthetically gorgeous while providing valuable protection from the sun”
Dutch style awnings enhances any window and provides protection from the sun’s harmful rays. It also could help with your business branding by adding your sign writing or logo on the canopy for additional promotion and comes in either retractable or fixed, manual or electric.

Dutch canopies is very effective over windows large and small, plus very good for promoting your business.

blinds Gold CoastSunscreen Mesh Awnings

“Designed for optimal outdoor living.”

Featuring superior visibility and exceptional glare, UV and heat reduction, the versatile range is available in nineteen designer colours.

The colour range showcases shades created to coordinate and contrast with a wide range of popular outdoor nishes, from bricks and paint, to coated aluminium and steel.

Sunscreen Mesh Awnings Brochure

Motorised Options

“Motorisation is convenient and simple to use and suitable for domestic or commercial applications.”

With home automation growing in popularity, the motorisation of awnings adds to the enjoyment of your lifestyle. Easy to use, motorised systems can be either stand-alone or incorporated into your existing home automation system.

Motorisation options are available on many of our awnings and are ideal where installation of these products is at a higher level or difficult to reach area.